To Whom It Offends

Gods and Kings so great that they fold under the mere weight of opinions like oragami seek to erect laws which threaten violence against their kingdom and call any opinion they find disdainful a blasphemy. It is known by a wise few that blasphemy is anything the powerful wish to find themselves outraged by, and then cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war against all opinions that offend their crystalline sensitivities, while whipping their devotees into a rabid enthusiasm, that lustful hate, which condemns the other and demands undeserved adoration from those they seek to intimidate. Paper Gods and Kings want nothing more than to be the gaolers of opinions, because they know that razor sharp opinions lent by minds just as sharp could cut them down like straw, for they are not made of sterner stuff–they crumple and fold so easily–paper Gods and Kings. Oh, woe! Their followers weep fanatic crocodile tears at the mere thought of their exalted idol’s contortions under the weight of any little trifling contention. Oh, woe betide anyone whose words provoke, these paper thin Gods and Kings to which blasphemy offends. Thus our flimsy paper potentates use their great power to press all opinions into the flattest and most unimpressive form–the form of imitation–opinions as flat as those of folding paper Gods and Kings.


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