Let’s Pick on David Marshall! Jus Cuz.

I’m sorry, I haven’t written a blog in quite a while. I’ve been too busy publishing books and stuff. 

But I thought I would write a not so meaningful post mocking a sophist Christian. Not because he’s Christian, but because he’s sophist. I hate sophists.

Mike D. over at the A-Unicornist pointed out recently that the Christian theologian/apologist/whatever David Marshall recently wrote this:

“Genuine faith in the Christian sense is that act of mind and will by which we discover all that we ever can come to know. Faith means trusting, and holding firmly to, what we have good reason to believe is true, in the face of trial. In that sense, no science, no history, not even the most platitudinous reasoning, would be possible without faith.”

At first I was like…

But then I remembered that I am actually good at thinking. And so I re-read it, since that usually brings to light the parts that confuse me, and then I was like…

Cuz you know, when you actually stop to think about it, the whole thing makes almost no sense, except that Marshall uses colorful philosophical language to sound all important and stuff. As you can clearly see, that’s sophism if there ever was any. 

My pal Jesus has a message for David Marshall…

Mind you, I would never ask anybody to kill themselves. Well, maybe not never. But it’s totally not me. Jesus wants it. He said so.


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