On Rejecting Christianity

“Here’s the thing I think which often gets overlooked in the religious debate, the Christ story is as powerful a story as Christians want us to believe. After years of reflecting on the issue I feel that, indeed, it is that powerful. I think many people simply overlook just how potent a myth it really is and how good of a narrative it is. Even if it is flawed. There is an element to it which touches something deeper in all of us, whether we believe or not. Honestly, I have more appreciation for the Jesus Christ myth now that I don’t have the overwhelming Christian desire to force it to mean just one thing. Now it can mean many things… and touch upon many new levels of revelation… and be that much more meaningful. I think many Christians feel that once you reject Christianity it holds no more meaning for you, but that’s just not the case. The story never loses it’s meaning once you stop believing in it literally. All it means is that it’s not the final meaning… there is more to life than just one story. There is an infinite amount of stories to draw meaning from.” –Tristan Vick (2012)


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