Magic DNA! It’s a Miracle!

Just bear with me…

Even if she did receive magically new DNA, that doesn’t magically unmurder those people she killed when she was… you know… still evil.

[I really hate how becoming Christian means she’s all forgiven and stuff… new DNA means she’s not accountable. See the problem here? Get out of jail free card–well then, what’s stopping Christians from murdering all the time?]

Also, notice the big fat fallacies–appeal to authority and bandwagon appeal. I’m your preacher man, so listen to me, listen to this story I gotz for ya’allz. Now watch this… it’s inspirational–stand up like a moron and raise your hands in praise–hallelujah! 

I kept waiting for him to cite a source… but then I remembered… that’s only something rational people who are in search of the unadulterated truth do.

On a side note: there is a plausible scientific explanation for changing DNA. It’s a rare medical condition regarding ones genetic make up called Chimera DNA


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