Two Times the Reading Pleasure (Book Update!)

As it happens I received some extremely helpful feedback from a couple of my manuscript readers. Each one offered the same advice, and so I knew it wasn’t simply a coincidence. In each case the advice was basically this, “It seems as though you have two books in one. You might want to try separating the religious history from the atheist discussion and try making one or the other–or both–into independent books.”

After thinking it through I decided to do it, and after some cutting and pasting an entire new book emerged out of the larger bulk manuscript. This also streamlined my main themes in the I am Atheos book making it much more on point while giving the religious oriented piece a life of its own. Meanwhile, the second book has become my ‘Why I am Not a Christian’ explication. Thus I have chosen to simply title it Deconversion: Why I am Not a Christian. Here’s the tentative cover for it.


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