Quote of the Day: Christopher Hitchens

“[All religions] make the same mistake. They all take the only real faculty we have that distinguishes us from other primates, and from other animals—the faculty of reason, and the willingness to take any risk that reason demands of us—and they replace that with the idea that faith is a virtue.  If I could change just one thing, it would be to dissociate the idea of faith from virtue—now and for good—and to expose it for what it is: a servile weakness, a refuge in cowardice, and a willingness to follow, with credulity, people who are in the highest degree unscrupulous.” –Christopher Hitchens

See the debate HERE after the jump.


One comment

  1. I find it interesting that an atheist would find ‘reason’ to be the distinguishing characteristic of humanity when at other times, when theists attempt to distinguish humans from animals, atheists argue that animals are also capable of reason, logic and communication.

    Interestingly, I agreee that animals share these characteristics – the only thing that truly distinguishes humans from animals ultimately is our religious natures. Hitchens is just wrong here.

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