Quote of the Day

“Militant Muslims blow people up, send death threats to cartoonists, oppress and abuse women, and execute people for the pettiest of crimes. Militant Christians try to alter education curricula, oppress people’s civil rights, blow up abortion clinics, and hold hate-speech signs at funerals. Militant atheists write books and blogs, and occasionally gather peacefully to oppose the aforementioned nuttery.” –Mike D. (The A-Unicornist)



    1. You are confusing assertive atheism and militancy in general. Stalin was a psychotic dictator, Mao was a power hungry dictator, and Kaczynski was clinically insane.

      Also, if you separate the reasons the above mentioned men were corrupt, it wasn’t because of their lack of belief in the supernatural. The same cannot be said of those who act precisely because of their preconceived supernatural/religious beliefs.

      Your examples are just bad, because they are catering to a stereotype and have nothing to do with the actual behavior of the atheistic demographic, whereas the behavior of religious people is at least predictable because it only varies according to dogma.

  1. Actually I am comparing extremism to extremism. There are billions of Christians, I think there may be two dozen at most that have been known to, “blow up abortion clinics, and hold hate-speech signs at funerals.”

    On the other hand atheist regimes have been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions. Who should we fear more?

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