My Atheist Goat Got Trumped!

Yesterday my atheist goat was irate, but today a friend I grew up with who has had a born again Christian experience has made this fundamentalist statement:

Personally, everyday I thank God that I'm his slave/servant/bond-servant.
I can't even put into words how deeply sad this made me feel. To live under this kind of delusion and think it is in some way healthy or okay?  
It’s, regrettably, the surf mentality and the abject worship of authority. It's sadomasochistic devotion to a capricious and unruly dictator whether or not one believes it is their brand of god.
Not to mention it's creepy, like the Pope whipping himself. But I think this pitiful opinion speaks for itself.


  1. Indeed. Living in Japan for over five years now, I have come to see the goodness in people without the need to resort to citing religious affiliation. Most of Asia is largley Buddhist, but it's been deligated to cultural observance and custom, as a sort of cultural heritage. It's by no means an active belief system for the majority of people living in Japan.When I ask what religion Japanese are they ALWAYS say they are Free-Thinking. They may add that their household is either Buddhist or Shinto, or both, but that this has no affect on their world views.But I see human decency and love over powering evil all the time, and people doing it of their own volition, with no appeal to a higher power of any kind. Living in this part of the world I've come to see how humanism is not just a philosophy, it's also a reality. So when I see someone’s religious views impact their thinking so negatively that they actively wish, desire, and long to become a slave for something they can't even define clearly is just bewildering to me.But that's why it's called a God Delusion I supposed.

  2. GeenksYou can have a lot of "faith" in self and still be a believer. I know a few atheists that remind me of eye -ore.I do agree with your statement tho. It's actually quite true and observant. You do possess unique and thoughtful insights. Maybe one day you will use your powers for good, not evil.===========================================TYour the best, and what you are saying can't be disputed. It is what it is. But if Christ left this world to it's self, it wouldn't be like you think. The Bible says that no-one is good. Also I can define God very clearly, but the Bible also teaches that we see things now like looking into a dirty and dull mirror, but one day it will be seen crystal clear.Nice posts, feeno

  3. The idea that no one is good or that all humankind is flawed and in need of a savior is one of the sleaziest pieces of piffle I have ever heard.It is one thing to proselytize and share your faith but it is another to kick people while they are down. If it makes you feel better to understand the human condition as being flawed or imperfect by all means believe what you will but to say no one is good and that all human beings are flawed is an awful lie. Because if no one is good then no good could be done in the world. But the fact is millions of people who don't have God do great and wonderful things everyday. Even people who have God.Your understanding is yours and you can keep it but the way I understand the human condition is like this. We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are…(damn I love Harry Potter)Also if Christ decided to leave this world to it's self we wouldn't have 9/11, the crusades, inquisition, Huguenot massacres, King Herod's killing of all newborns, and all other Christ sanctioned atrocities.

  4. DevinWho is down? My statement is at least all inclusive. The Christian has no "good" either. This is a real fundamental difference between the Christian and all other beliefs. If one thinks they are good then there is no need for a Savior. Another problem that we have is, who gets to define what good is? Devin thinks it's OK to share my faith, but he doesn't think it's OK for me to tell the world that all good comes from God.I know your smart enough to realize that any normal, rational, reasoning person knows fully well that you don't have to be a Believer to be "good". I'm not going to share my last 2 years of writings with you, but I've said on numerous occasions that Atheists and Christians are equally well equipped for good or evil.The fact that I believe all good comes from God hurts your feelings is something I regret. But I just thought every one knew most Christians believe this. It certainly doesn't mean were better, to me it justs means that I can't live up to the standard God requires of me on my own. I need his help. Anytime I ask someone if their "good" they always say, "well, I've never killed anybody". Is that what the standard for good is? I know we will continue this talk, but I just ordered 2 big ole pizzas and must be off.Good day to you sir. feeno

  5. Feeno-I do not draw my sense of morality from religious sources. I understand that there are laws and consequences. Every society has had basic laws, the Bible did not dictate anything new. The "secular" world has its own basis of morality, and that serves to give people a pretty solid compass.The Bible, in my world, is not what I consider to be a good source of morality. I really do not want to open up our old discussions, but it condones slavery, patriarchal structure, etc. I am quite happy to exist having faith in my government and police force creating laws for all of us to live by.

  6. Feeno-I didn't say you can't say all good comes from God. Go right ahead and do so. I said its one thing to share your faith but another to kick people while they are down. Meaning, it is one thing to say you need to be saved from sin but another to say that no matter how hard you try you won't be able to do any good without God. That is selling snake oil. It is also reminicent of Pascal's Wager. Live a life with God and only good can happen because only good comes from God. Go on in sin and live a down right terrible life. Just in the lives of Tristan and I, I can tell you this is not reality.I understand its "all inclusive" to Christianity but that still does not negate the fact that the idea itself is a contemptible one. When you have been drilled with fear about a place of everlasting agony and have been bombarded with a barrage of psychological attacks it flattens the senses leaving a person feeling vulnrable and naked. And after the evangelizer is done violating the mind it plants a seed of hope, comfort, and love. This is kicking people while they are down.When you say, "…I can't live up to the standard God requires of me on my own. I need his help." it is very disheartening to hear. I tried for almost 20 years to live by God's standard and all it did was lead to a life of self-destruction. I missed out on alot of things in my teen years because I chased after pipe dreams. I tried to live by standards that could never be met. I know my experience is nothing but bilge to you and is meaningless. But why is God's standard a good one to live by? If God knows his whole of creation is flawed and can not do good why would he set a standard impossible to reach? If God is so loving why is he setting us up for failure? It hurts me to see people who beat themselves up over this. For what its worth,Devin

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