Get Spartan with Your Critical Thinking Skills!

Going Spartan is a catchphrase which means, in a nutshell, ‘whipping oneself into shape not only to do ones best, but to actually succeed in doing the best possible as failure is not an option!’ I apply this ‘do or die’ mentality to my critical thinking skills, but this begs the question, what is critical thinking and how does someone who may not be trained in critical methods of analysis go about learning how to think critically? This video sums it up nicely. Have a good one, and remember, if you get a headache take an aspirin and get good rest. Also, eat lots of fruit.


  1. Anything for my fans! lol. Now if only I could get a band of 'groupies' together, and we'd all get awesome "A" (atheist) tattoos, and we'd be rebels, and look good with leather jackets and cool shades. Also we'd have T-shirts which say "Atheism is Goddamn Sexy!" and we'd take shit from no one!Or maybe I'll just keep blogging. lol

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