Merry X’Mas!!! And Bah Humbug!

Merry X’Mas all you present coveting, gluttonous eggnog guzzling, Christmas tree tinseling, heathen boys and girls out there! And whether you’re religious or not, have a happy new year!
And because she’s a darling:

Don’t worry V- I don’t know the lyrics either.



  1. Ahh, bimbos… the true reason for the season.I bet with a little effort, we could convert Christmas into a sexualized holiday like Halloween. This is certainly a start.

  2. Well, I don't know if the blonde is a bimbo or not, but Vanae has her act together… even if she can't sing a Christmas jingle to save her life. But if that was a prerequisite to get into heaven then only people who could sing, or remember song lyrics, would be in heaven… instead of all the criminals who are there now.I rather think it is as Mark Twain once said, heaven is for the climate, hell is for the society. Hell is where all the smart fun people are. Heaven is, apparently, where all the pedophiles have bought their way into and are waiting for "fresh meat" to unsuspectingly walk into their trap of eternal sodomy. I really do think hell is the wiser choice. lol.

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